Goodcents Foundation’s mission is to develop sustainable educational programs.
This is accomplished through building awareness of available community resources by educating communities on how to grow
and share food at the local level.

Founded in 2005, Goodcents Foundation began focusing on feeding people and teaching people how to grow their own food in 2020. Goodcents Foundation educational gardens demonstrate and teach the overall gardening process, from seed to harvest. All donations help the Goodcents Foundation develop sustainable educational programs that teach life skills and feed our communities.

A big thank you to the team at Goodcents! The Goodcents Foundation is proud to be a beneficiary of the EAT GOOD DO GOODER program. Every Goodcents To Go Meal purchased will result in a 50 cent donation to Goodcents Foundation. To celebrate a donation bell will be rung at your local Goodcents anytime a Goodcents To Go Meal is purchased!

Goodcents Foundation also supports a local Kansas City-based charity Thelma’s Kitchen, supplying fresh bread to this ‘donate-as-you-can’ cafe that allows all members of the community to volunteer in exchange for a meal. This concept is something that we believe in because in “teaching a man to fish,” you give them the opportunity to work, earn and feel great about themselves. In July 2020, Goodcents Foundation donated a proofing oven and provides proof-and-bake bread dough at no cost, enabling Thelma’s Kitchen to have consistent, fresh product for their daily lunch offerings.

Goodcents Foundation programming is funded by your generous donations, gifts and grants. To make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

The Goodcents Foundation: Planting Seeds and Fulfilling Needs.